Bachelor NZ contestant Poppy lets off wind on first date with Arthur Green

Poppy in a compromised situation in a screengrab from the show. Photo: Supplied Bachelor: Arthur Green. Photo: Supplied
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Embarrassing: Yoga instructor Poppy. Photo: Supplied

There are countless things that can go wrong on a first date; from turning up late, to forgetting to wear deodorant, to making a move too soon, but in the case of an unfortunate female contestant on The Bachelor New Zealand, her worst nightmare was confirmed with a small amount of unwanted gas.

English yoga teacher Poppy was settling into a romantic beach date with Bachelor Arthur Green, when she tried to relieve herself at just the wrong time.

Most likely unaware about what was about to unfold, Poppy let out an audible fart, at a time when the couple would be seriously considering whether or not they had any chemistry.

Unfortunately, the chemistry within her stomach didn’t agree with what she had eaten, prompting Poppy immediately to put her hands to her face in sheer embarrassment.

It’s the age-old question: should you own up to a fart of your own? Can you blame it on someone, or an animal for that matter?

“Did you just fart?” Arthur asked. With her back against wall and in deep trouble, Poppy attempted to offload the blame.

“I slipped in the sand,” she said. It was a commendable effort, but Arthur wasn’t convinced.

“Squeaky sand, hey?” he said cheekily. “It is always a matter of time before someone farts in front of someone else, isn’t it?”

With seemingly no other option, Poppy owned up to her unfortunate bowel movements and tried to make light of the situation.

“Usually not on the first date,” she said.

In the real world, it’s usually pretty hard to come back from farting on the first date. Males aiming to press their claims with a new woman might as well put a black line through their name.

But, in this instance, Poppy can consider herself extremely lucky as she received a rose from Arthur and a second chance at true love.

“I love the way she owned up to it – it was hilarious!” Arthur, who runs a paleo diet company, said in an interview after the date.


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